Scarifying is essential - prior to road line marking on bitumen

A scarifier is used to remove most coatings from bitumen surfaces prior to new road line marking taking place. The tungsten tips of the scarifier are designed to aggressively erode the surface, leaving a rough finish that is gradually smoothed by vehicular traffic over time. This process can be dust free through the connection of a dust extractor system.
No-fuss Road Line Marking on Bitumen
Road line marking on bitumen surfaces is difficult and the markings might not be easily seen by traffic and pedestrians. To ensure that all safety line markings are clearly seen by everyone on the road, a scarifier is used to remove old coatings from bitumen roads and car parks. 
This process makes the new road line markings appear much brighter and easier to see in all weather conditions.
Scarifying is recomended prior to new road line painting on:
  • Bitumen surfaces
  • Uneven concrete walkways & surfaces
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