Prior to installing new line marking in car parks, warehouses or on roads, water blasting is an essential first step.

Water Blasting Before Line Marking is Essential

This preparation procedure is critical to ensure maximum paint adhesion for all car park line marking.

Water blasting must be performed on all new surfaces, prior to new line marking to remove any construction debris and contamination. Our self contained mobile unit is equipped with sediment barriers to manage all debris, which is then removed from the site and disposed of in an eco friendly manner.

Line marking without adequate prep equals disaster

If you don't remove all of the debris and contaminants that have built up on newly constructed surfaces, the paint used for all of your line marking will not adhere well. This means that the money you have spent on car park line marking, warehouse line marking and any other line painting on your property, either inside or outside, has essentially been wasted.

When the paint doesn't adhere properly, the entire process has to be redone. No-one wants a job that is not done right the first time, so if you want professional line marking for your business, call us on 0423 832 531 for a free quote today.