Line painting doesn't prevent cars from overshooting designated parking spots, that's why you need wheels stops.

Ramp up your line painting with wheel stops

Line painting car park spaces isn't enough to prevent cars from overshooting into the next space or even into pedestrain walkways. When you need to prevent vehicles from overshooting their parking spaces, you need our high grade wheel stops.

Adding wheel stops to your line painting package

Our wheel stops are a single piece moulded construction. The units offer high durability and robustness, whilst still being lightweight for ease of installation. Bright yellow hazard markings offer the highest visibility without the need to repaint.




If you need to increase the safety of pedestrains at your site, call us to discuss adding wheel stops to your line painting package. We can also install them into areas that have existing car park line marking in place.


All units are 1650mm in length and 100mm in height to conform to the newly updated Australian Safety Standard (AS2890.1)




Fixings used into Concrete 145 mm, Dynabolt x 3.

Fixings into bitumen used is 300 mm long x 12 mm galvar.