Professional Line Marking in Brisbane

G & T Linemarking has been providing specialist line marking in Brisbane & South East Queensland for over 15 years. We specialise in the application of Waterborne & Chlorinated Rubber Paints, Preform Thermoplastic, Raised Pavement Makers (RPM’s), and Paint Removal.
We also supply and install all Safety Products, such as Wheel Stops, Speed Humps, Bollards, Convex Mirrors and much more that can be simply a stand-alone order or added to our car park line marking, road line marking or warehouse line marking packages. Other line marking services we provide are High Pressure cleaning and Concrete Grinding.

Line Marking in Brisbane is a Legal Requirement

When cars, trucks and other vehicles (even helicopters and light aircraft) are on your commerical property, you need to provide clear and safe road lline marking services in Brisbane. This may or may not include additional line marking services or custom stencils for pedestrains, loading zones, disabled parking and no-go areas.
Just imagine how difficult it would be to drive on our roads without adequate line marking to direct traffic and keep people safe in carparks, warehouses, freeways, urban, city and even rural roads. These areas would quickly become death traps for drivers and pedestrians alike, which is why road line marking is essential for everyone's safety.
It is important to remember however, that linemarking isn't a set and forget scenario, these lines will fade over time and need to be redone every few years or so. It is even more important to ensure that the road markings are clear to drivers when the lane markings need to be changed, because a mix of old and new line markings can easily confuse drivers, leading to accidents and fatalities.
When you need to repaint the lanes because they have faded or you need to actually alter the line markings on the roads, it is important that you engage a professional company that specialises in line marking services. This is because they can ensure that the old markings are obliterated and drivers will only see the new road line markings - preventing any confusion happening on our roads. 
G and T Linemarking have a proven reputation for high quality line marking in Brisbane with many happy customers who return to us to remark their line marking every one or two years. 
If your organisation would benefit from professional line marking services in Brisbane, call us on 0423 832 531 for a free quote. 


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