We offer a comprehensive range of road marking services, including performed thermoplastic signs for heavy traffic areas.

Our Road Marking Services Include Preformed Thermoplastic Signs

To offer our customers a comprehensive road marking service, we also include preformed thermoplastic signs in our packages.

Preformed Thermoplastic is a durable product that is used in a variety of areas where there is heavy traffic flow and is generally a council requirement for all transverse lines. It is also appropriate for a range of private business applications.

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Whatever your needs, we can prefabricate thermoplastic signs that are customised for your business.

Thermoplastic signs are prefabricated in most shapes and sizes including:

This is a long term cost effective process, but expensive compared to everyday Waterbourne products. For more information on our road marking services and to find out whether thermoplastic signs will be of benefit to your business, call us on 0423 832 531 for a free quote.



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During the heating process SRGB (Skid Resistant Glass Beads) is applied to ensure the best skid resistant & reflectivity at night.