Car Park Line Marking can include corner guards that protect the structure of your building against bumps by vehicles.

Corner Guards Add Extra Value to Car Park Line Marking

Car Park Line Marking isn't just about painting lines on the ground to designate individual parking spaces, it is also about protecting the structure of your building from damage.

Add corner guards to your car park line marking package

How many times has a vehicle bumped into the walls or columns of your car park building? It is most probably too many times to count. Corner guards however, can give you additional protection from these bumps, maintaining the aesthetics and the integrity of your building.

Our easy to install rubber corner guards are made of recycled rubber and come with inbuilt reflective yellow panels, which make them highly visible during the day and night. They are durable and impact resistant, preventing chipping and damage to structures.

Adding corner guards to your car park line marking package is easy or we can simply install new corner guards into an already marked car park. Call us today on 0423 832 531 for a free quote.