When you add bollards to your Line Marking Package you increase the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Add Safety Bollards to your Line Marking Package

Adding safety bollards to your line marking package or simply installing safety bollards in your car park or warehouse can increase the safety of drivers, passengers, pedestrians and employees.  

Do you need to add Safety Bollards to your line marking package?

Safety bollards are ideal for increasing the safety of people and equipment, because they prevent vehicles (cars, trucks, fork lifts etc.,) from parking or driving in specific areas. 

Bollards can be supplied in a variety of colors and sizes, with a choice of either highly visable safety yellow powder coat finish or hot dip galvanized. We can also supply flexible and knock-down bollards for use in areas with restricted maneuverability.

Here are five benefits of including safety bollards in your line marking package.

  1. Storefront security: With the increase in ram raiding using cars and trucks in Australia, it makes sense to protect your storefront with heavy duty security bollards that can prevent this type of intrusion. Even vehicles that are travelling fast can be stopped, which also helps when people put their foot on the accelerator instead of the brake and end up in your store.
  2. Managing traffic: One of the issues in shopping centres is how to prevent people driving or parking in secure areas. Installing safety bollards can prevent these intrusions, helping to divert traffic away from specific areas. You can also use them to prevent people from parking on grassed areas, particularly when they join carparks that become full quickly.
  3. Pedestrian safety: People often park half on and half off pavements, which can endanger pedestrians and cause the road to become narrowed. Pedestrians trying to navigate narrow footpaths can be placed in danger when cars or trucks are constantly parking on the pavements, which is why installing safety bollards along the edges of the footpaths can be important.
  4. Hazard areas: Factories, warehouses and even multi-story carparks can benefit from not only installing line marking, but also safety bollards to prevent traffic, employees and pedestrians from straying into hazardous or dangerous areas.

If you want to add safety bollards, height bars or speed humps to your line marking package or just have a few safety bollards installed at your site, call us on 0423 832 531 today for a free quote.