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G & T Linemarking provides a comprehensive range of professional line marking services for businesses in Brisbane and SEQ.

Our line marking services include paint removal, car park line marking, warehouse line marking and road line marking. We also provide a range of safety signs and other products that complement our line painting services. These include convex mirrors, bollards, high clearance barriers, wheel stops and corner guards. 

If you aren't sure how our linemarking services can help your business, here are five tops ways we can make a difference:

  1. Warehouse line marking: Warehouses are busy buildings with traffic, forklifts, trucks, vans and people coming and going all day long. Without sufficient line painting, no-one knows where to drive or walk safely, a problem that can endanger everyone in the vicinity. Line marking in warehouses can include road line markings, as well as exclusion zones, overhead hazards and pedestrian walkways.
  2. Bicycle line markings: With so many people now using their bikes to exercise and travel to work, it is essential that we have adequate line markings on our roads to ensure sufficient separation between cars and heavy trucks, and the ever present bike users. These are suitable for main roads, as well as our parklands.
  3. Sporting facilities: At G and T Linemarking, we not only paint lines on roads, we also outline sporting arenas, such as tennis courts, basketball courts and football pitches. Without these markings, there would be chaos on our courts and fields
  4. Car park line marking: Everyone can agree that we need line marking in our carparks, whether these are off-road car parks or multi-story car parks. If we didn't bother with marking out the lanes and parking spaces in car parks, people would drive and park any which way - resulting in chaos and lots of frustrated drivers!
  5. Industrial complexes: Manufacturing plants and factories are high risk areas where employees and heavy machinery are in close contact. Line marking and hazard or exclusion zones are essential for everyone's safety, ensuring that employees do not wander into areas where overhead equipment might fall on them or enter areas that are hazardous in other ways.

As you can appreciate, our line marking services help to keep everyone safe, not only on our roads, but also in many other potentially dangerous areas. 

Call us today on 0423 832 531 to discuss how our line marking services can help improve the safety on your site or property.

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