G & T Linemarking provide a number of line marking services and we only use the very best materials in all of our projects.

Materials used in our line marking services

G& T Linemarking offer a range of line marking services and carpark line marking to clients in Brisbane and SEQ. 

We have years of experience using both Waterborne and Chlorinated Rubber paints. Waterborne paints are best utilized for external applications, such as driveways and car parks, whilst Chlorinated Rubber paints are better utilized for high traffic areas, such as inside factories and distribution centers.

Here is a short overview of the materials we often use as part of our line marking services.

As part of of line marking services, below you will see a pallet of available colours with a copy of the MSDS for your convenience.

Waterborne Paint

A1 Chlorinated Rubber




If you want to discuss how our line marking services can make your site safer for traffic, pedestrians and employees, call us on 0423 832 531 today for a free quote.