Line marking contoured surfaces requires high pressure water blasting

Water Blasting is a cost effective approach to remove flaking paint from contoured surfaces, such as stairs and kerbs prior to new linemarking. Our self contained mobile unit is equipped with sediment barriers to manage all debris, which is then removed from site and disposed of in an eco friendly manner.

Is Water Blasting Essential Prior to New Linemarking?

Nothing is essential, but removing old paint from contoured surfaces prior to new linemarking is hard work using any other method. As you can imagine, the high pressure water gets into cracks and crevices easily and removes old paint from rounded edges faster and much better than a grinder for example.

Water blasting is often the preferred method for removing old car park line marking, particualrly in underground and multi-story car parks. 

Inside Tips:


If your business requires new linemarking on contoured surfaces, you will most probably benefit from water blasting the old paint, before the new line painting commences.

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 Waterblasting old line marking  whirl-away