Line Painting old concrete? You need DUST FREE CONCRETE SURFACE GRINDING

Surface grinding is the primary method of removing paint on all smooth concrete surfaces, prior to line painting. Surface grinding can be performed indoors, leaving surfaces looking new. Outdoors, we recommend waterblasting, so the contrast doesn't look as noticable prior to installation of line marking.

Line Painting Fades Over Time

When lines are removed using concrete surface grinding (essential prior to new line painting), at first it might not look pristine, but over time it blends in becoming unnoticeable. After grinding, we recommend water blasting the surface, so the initial contrast is not so distracting, prior to renewing the linemarking.

It is important to remember that linemarking on concrete at first looks very distinctive, but over time it starts to blend in becoming completely unnoticable. This is why you need line marking renewed frequently.

The most recent major grinding projects we have undertaken is:

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