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Who are the most frequent users of our road marking services?

12:00am, Tuesday 29 May 2018

G and T Line marking provides specialist road marking services to clients in Brisbane and SEQ. Generally, we use a line marking machine to apply these road line markings, as it provides for an easier and smoother application, clean lines, consistent colour and an efficient use of paint.

Line marking is a very cost-effective way to increase the safety of everyone on our roads, as well as on private property, reducing hazards and keeping traffic and pedestrians to safe areas.

The most frequent users of our services can be broken down into four major groups: commercial property owners, local councils, industrial warehouses and sports facilities.

Commercial property owners: The greatest use of our road marking services for commercial property owners is in car parks. Line marking helps to outline parking spaces, maximising the number of these spaces when compared to customers simply parking haphazardly in an unmarked car park. We can also mark hazard areas, pedestrian areas, disabled parking spots and direct traffic entering and exiting ca parks.

Local councils: The main use of our road marking services by councils is for lane divisions and directions on roads and freeways, pedestrian crossings, cycle divisions and in municipal car parks. Outlining lane divisions obviously increases the safety of all road users and is essential on our roads, as are all the road and car park line markings we often take for granted in our towns and cities.

Industrial warehouses: The majority of industrial warehouses have a multitude of hazardous areas, all of which can lead to serious accidents and fatalities. Our road marking services are generally used to outline the safe and unsafe areas inside these warehouses, but are also used to keep employees, pedestrians and customers safe whilst on the property, but outside the building.

Sports facilities: Did you ever wonder who painted all those white lines in sports facilities? Well now you know! Another use of our road marking services is to mark basketball, netball, football and track fields for a range of sporting complexes.

If you are in the market for professional road line marking services in Brisbane, whether for your commercial property, industrial warehouses, factories or sports facilities, call G and T Line Marking on 0423 832 531 or send us an email.