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What’s the future of line marking?

12:00am, Wednesday 12 December 2018

Recent technological advances in line marking should lead to improved visibility of road lines regardless of the weather, as well as a longer lifespan and increased productivity. There are even smart technologies that can detect when road lines are becoming worn and need to be repainted, increasing road safety significantly.

Below you will find a selection of companies that are heavily investing in new technology that will make our line marking services much more efficient for our clients.

  • Borum is a Danish company that sells its machinery around the globe. It focuses on increasing the efficiency of line painting with a range of machines that cover most requirements. From compact units that can be used on small roads to large machines that are ideal for freeways, Borum’s road marking machines are both durable and reliable.

  • Graco has recently introduced a line marking machine that has two hoppers and two pumps allowing users to spray two colours at the same time. It’s ideal for councils or organisations that need to paint two colours simultaneously (such as stripes), and is particularly useful  for airports. Spraying two colours at once reduces the time needed for painting and improves the quality and efficiency of line marking services in Australia.

  • STiM has recently introduced a laser guided line marking machine that can detect worn lines, only applying new paint as needed. This machine massively increases the precision of road markings and makes significant savings on paint, since it only repaints areas that are worn.

  • MRL has a new system that paints grooved lines designed to extend the life of line marking in areas that suffer from severe winters. The machine actually uses a diamond blade to cut a groove into the surface of the road and then applies the paint; the groove protects the paint from wear and tear caused by snow ploughs. The material that is cut away is removed automatically and recycled elsewhere. Machines that cut grooves aren’t new to the market, what is new is the increased precision built into this machine, ensuring that the depth isn’t too deep or too shallow, a problem that exists with many older machines.

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