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What’s the benefit in using a line marking machine?

12:00am, Tuesday 12 June 2018

Line marking machines make quick work of a job that would otherwise take much longer to complete and give a much more professional finish than can be accomplished by hand. We use these machines for a variety of line marking jobs in Brisbane, because our clients demand a professional finish that will last for years, rather than just a few months, and they also want a cost-effective option.

Line marking machines give clean lines with a consistent colour for every line, which is important not only for a professional finish, but also for the safety of road users and pedestrians. When lines appear lighter and darker in different areas or their outlines are difficult to follow (as often happens with manually painted lines), these lines can confuse people, making them unsure of the direction they should take on the road.

Other good reasons for using machines for line marking in Brisbane are that they make the job much easier and faster, as well as using paint more efficiently. All of which equates to less time spent on the job with less paint needing to be used, resulting in lower costs for our clients.

What projects benefit from using line marking machines?

Many companies who employ our line marking services need lines marked in car parks, roads, industrial complexes or sporting facilities.

  • Car Parks: Lines in car parks are essential for the safety of everyone who uses the car park, providing clearly marked parking spaces and directions for both road users and pedestrians. Our line marking machines help us to outline sharp angles, highlight hazard areas and give clear directions to everyone in the carpark.
  • Roads: Long straight or curving lines are very difficult to accomplish, so you can imagine the chaos if we needed to paint lines along the roads by hand! A line marking machine makes short work of painting road lines, ensuring that costs are kept down and road users are not inconvenienced for any longer than necessary.
  • Industrial: Interior and exterior line marking for industrial complexes in Brisbane benefit greatly from having clear and consistent lines marked, to direct both visitors and employees around the complex. Our machine comes in handy because we can do a professional job in the shortest time possible, minimising downtime for their operations.
  • Sports: Outlining running tracks, cricket pitches, football fields and basketball courts by hand would be very time consuming and expensive. Our machine allows us to paint clear, consistent lines with sharp angles in a very short time frame with a professional finish.

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