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What equipment is used in line painting and road marking services?

6:00am, Wednesday 30 August 2017

G&T Line Marking is one of the leading companies in Brisbane offering professional road marking services to commercial organisations.

We are committed to delivering a high quality product to our clients and to building and maintaining ongoing and productive relationships throughout SE QLD. We have a wide range of well-maintained, line marking equipment that allows us to lower costs and shorten completion times. All of our line painting staff are highly experienced and have the skills to perform a high quality job, on time and within budget.

To provide cost-efficient road marking services to our clients, we have the following equipment available.

  • Walk behind machines: These are ideal for re-painting lines that have faded in small shopping centres, warehouses and car parks. These line marking machines are very stable and can easily fit into narrow and constricted areas.
  • A thermoplastic screed machine: This is essential for applying thermoplastic line painting to heavy traffic areas. These markings are available in a range of arrows, numbers, letters and symbols, but we can also prefabricate customised thermoplastic signs for your business.
  • Line marking machines: Our longline line painting machines with a 500L capacity are ideal for long stretches of road, whilst our smaller machines with a 200L capacity are better for smaller jobs.

We also have a variety of other equipment, such as line grinders to remove unwanted line markings and hot melt glue applicators to fix the small thermoplastic markings that are essential in small car parks.

Road marking services are essential for all commercial properties to maintain a safe environment for traffic and pedestrians on their property. In fact, they are a legal requirement in Queensland.We provide custom stencils for loading zones, disabled parking, no-go areas and many other applications, with excellent customer service and follow-up.

We can install height bars in car parks and warehouses, bollards to increase pedestrian safety around traffic, raised pavement marking to increase driver visibility at night, corner guards, speed humps and convex mirrors.

Why not call us today on 0423 832 531 for a free quote and take advantage of our professional road marking services?