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What are the benefits of thermoplastic line marking in Brisbane?

12:00am, Thursday 17 May 2018

We can all appreciate that line marking in Brisbane helps to keep everyone safe on our roads. One of the biggest problems with linemarking however, is that it fades over time, causing all sorts of problems for road users.

It’s not always easy in the daylight to realise that the line marking has faded, but it’s easy to spot at night. Driving at night when you have difficulty seeing the linemarkings on the road, especially in an area that you don’t know very well is a recipe for disaster, which is why thermoplastic line marking is so useful in Brisbane.

Currently, the main use of thermoplastic line marking in Brisbane is as symbols, turning arrows, numbers or letters. They are however, being increasingly used on road surfaces to indicate hazard areas, particularly where reflectivity is important at night.

Here are four real world benefits of using thermoplastic linemarking on our roads.

  1. Reflective: The addition of glass beads to the line marking before the paint cures makes the paint reflective, which creates safer driving conditions at night and in areas that can be hazardous in low light levels or in wet weather.
  2. Anti-skid: The glass beads provide an increased element of traction on the road, reducing skidding in wet or hazardous areas. The combination of reflectivity and an anti-skid element to line marking in Brisbane significantly increases the safety of drivers on our roads.
  3. Long lasting: As the paint wears away, the glass beads that are mixed throughout the paint remain clear, continuing to retain their reflective and anti-skid properties. This property alone is a big improvement on the normal fading and reduced visibility of regular road linemarking. Even better, the lifespan of thermoplastic paint is six times longer than normal road marking paint, making it very cost effective. This is just as well because the initial cost of thermoplastic paint is far higher than for normal road paint, but this is offset nicely by its increases lifespan.
  4. Less maintenance: Due to its improved durability and increased lifespan, thermoplastic linemarkings requires less ongoing maintenance, reducing costs to both commercial property owners and local councils.

Thermoplastic line marking can be used for car parks, school safety zones, cycle lanes and bus lanes in Brisbane, increasing everyone’s safety and reducing the human costs of road accidents.

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