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The pros and cons of double line marking in Brisbane carparks.

12:00am, Thursday 30 November 2017

Have you heard of double line marking in Brisbane? Well some shopping centre car parks have started using double linemarking for their car park bays, which has thrown some drivers for a loop, not quite understanding their benefits.

Since drivers are much more used to the normal single line marking in car parks, it can be quite confusing seeing these double lines outlining parking spaces. So, if you are faced with this new type of double carpark lines, here are their pros and cons.

Pros of double line marking in Brisbane for carparks

As we can all attest, many vehicles in shopping centres park too close to the lines on one side or another of the parking bays, making it difficult for the next car to park alongside and have enough room to open their doors. The new double linemarkings in carparks are designed to avoid this problem and force vehicles to park in the centre of the parking space, allowing all vehicles to line up evenly in a row. The double line marking between these spaces is also anticipated to prevent doors scratching against the vehicle alongside (because the cars park in the centre of the space) and to make it easier for pedestrians to navigate through the parked cars.

Cons of double line marking in Brisbane for carparks

The actual size of the parking space, including the area inside the double lines is no different to a regular car park space, but the actual defined parking space is smaller. Drivers of wide vehicles, such as a large 4WD, SUV or light truck might think that the space is too small for their vehicle, because their tyres would either be on or over the bay’s linemarkings. This can confuse and frustrate drivers, who might drive around looking for a ‘normal’ car parking bay without all the distracting lines.

The double line marking bays also require a sharper turning angle, so it takes longer to manoeuvre into one of these parking spots and to reverse out again. It will also cost more in paint, simply because there are more lines to mark in the carpark. Centre management will need to decide whether the pros outweigh the cons, if they are considering remarking their parking bays with these new double lines.

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