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Specialist line marking in Brisbane – Tips on using protective security bollards

12:00am, Wednesday 28 February 2018

With terrorist activities on everyone’s mind lately, you might wonder how line marking in Brisbane can be of any help in the situation. Well, protective security bollards are one of the line marking strategies that has become topical with both the Gold Coast Council and Brisbane City Council, who are considering installing them for the Commonwealth games this year.

Even without a terrorist threat, you must have noticed the increase in cars barrelling into retail shops, due to driver error over the past few years. It’s in cases like these where our specialist line marking services pay dividends That’s because accidents and collisions can be deadly, so much so that these steel protective bollards are proving their worth in inner city and busy urban areas.

Let’s take a look at three of the areas where these bollards are suitable safety measures for a variety of reasons.

  • Protecting pedestrians: As a reputable company providing line marking in Brisbane, we often install these security bollards in car parks to provide a solid barrier between pedestrians and moving traffic. Creating a safe pedestrian environment is essential for shopping malls and a row of protective security bollards reduces the risk of injuries due to runaway vehicles both in covered and uncovered car parks.
  • Protecting buildings: A row of security bollards outside the front of a shop or retail mall is a very useful deterrent that helps to prevent thieves from ramming into shop fronts. This is something we have seen fairly frequently in Brisbane and might have been prevented if the owners had contacted their local line marking services and asked for security bollards to be installed. We have also seen drivers losing control of their vehicles and ending up inside store fronts, accidents that steel security bollards could have prevented.
  • Protecting other vehicles: At the same time that we perform line marking in car parks, we often install security bollards to keep traffic in separate lanes. This is often required when two or more lanes turn sharply and cars can easily misjudge the bend, colliding with traffic in the other lane. They are also suitable at the entrance to car parks for the same reason – to separate traffic that can easily become confused and veer into other traffic lanes.
Constructed from structural grade steel, security barriers have a host of uses and are designed to protect pedestrians, traffic, buildings and other assets from harm. All of these bollards can be powder coated or covered with bollard sleeves to improve their appearance and durability. If you have a situation where accidental collisions can occur and need specialist line marking services in Brisbane, call us on 0423 832 531 or send us an email today.