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Projects that demand professional line marking in Brisbane

6:00am, Friday 15 September 2017

Line marking in Brisbane isn’t just about painting lines in the middle of roads, there are many other reasons why councils and businesses might need to use our services. After all, a line marking machine isn’t only a faster way to paint lines on hard surfaces, it also saves money on paint and makes the job much easier to perform.

Other benefits from using professional line marking services are that you have a more consistent colour and very straight lines, both of which are difficult to attain when you are manually painting lines on hard surfaces.

In Brisbane, line marking tends to be used for four types of projects: car parks, roads, industrial areas, and sports facilities.

Car parks: Line marking in car parks is essential to the safety of everyone who uses the car park, whether they are drivers, passengers or people who have been dropped off. Clearly marked parking spaces help to prevent accidents and damage to vehicles, provide adequate spacing between parked vehicles and between rows of parked cars, as well as maximising the number of cars that can be parked on the property.

Roads: Professional line marking services are essential for maintaining safety on our roads, controlling traffic and preventing accidents. Lane markings not only ensure that multiple lanes of traffic can travel side by side in safety, but they can also be used for designated cycle paths, as well as zebra crossings to help keep pedestrians safe as well.

Industrial areas: These high risk areas include manufacturing plants and warehouses and are areas where employees and machinery are in close contact. Line marking is used to identify hazard areas where care must be taken due to particular machinery or where employees or traffic are prohibited.

Sports facilities: Many indoor and outdoor sporting facilities use our line marking services to outline their courts, as they need a professional finish that’s consistent in colour and direction. We have outlined basketball, squash and netball courts, football fields and even outdoor track lanes.

As you can appreciate, line marking in Brisbane isn’t just used for car park and road safety purposes, it’s also used to designate hazard areas in warehouses and to outline sports courts and playing fields. If you think that your business or facility will benefit from our line marking services, why not get a quote online today?