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Line marking in stadiums and outdoor sports areas

12:00am, Monday 15 January 2018

Line marking isn’t just used to designate car parking spaces at your local shopping mall, they are essential for stadiums and outdoor sports arenas as well. Regardless of the size of the sporting arena, professional line marking services ensure that all the spectators know where to park at the event and how to gain entry into the arena.

The same applies to the players and teams who require a sports field that is clearly marked with a long lasting and durable paint that won’t deteriorate during their game or wash off in the rain. Line marking in Brisbane ensures the safety and comfort of everyone at the sporting event and guarantees that the game will go off without a hitch.

Some of the areas at sporting arena and outdoor playing fields that require professional line marking services include the following:

  • The sports field: Different sports require different line marking, so before each event the caretaker of the grounds will contact the contracted line marking services company. They will be asked to either repaint the same field markings, so that they are clear to the players or replace the markings with ones that are more suitable for the next sporting event.
  • Carparks: Car parks at stadiums need visible line marking, so that everyone can find a park and head off quickly into the stadium. Without adequate markings, people will waste time driving around aimlessly looking for a spot that is as close as possible to the arena.
  • Roadways: Some of the larger stadiums have internal roads that need to be clearly marked, particularly to prevent drivers parking on the roads and verges, as well as indicating one-way systems and exits. Roadway line marking needs to be updated regularly to ensure that the lines don’t wear away and accounting for any changes to the routes.
  • Spectator areas: Within the stadium, line marking services are used to indicate entries and exits to the stadium, as well as restricted areas, pedestrian walkways and seating areas. Even the numbered seating in the arena needs to be outlined, so that spectators can easily find their seats and remain within authorised areas.
As you can see, line marking services are an important part of maintaining the safety and comfort of everyone who attends these events, whether staff, spectators, players or teams. If you need professional line marking in Brisbane, don’t hesitate to call us on 0423 832 531 or ask us for a free quote.