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Is preformed thermoplastic road line marking cost-effective?

12:00am, Thursday 15 February 2018

If your only priority is raw upfront costs, then since preformed thermoplastic road line marking initially costs more than road paint, it’s not very cost-effective. On the other hand, if you include ongoing maintenance and the extended season for road line painting that comes with preformed thermoplastic, then it definitely comes out on top. As you will see, even car park line marking can benefit from using preformed thermoplastic for particular applications.

Benefits of using preformed thermoplastic for road line marking

The reason that preformed thermoplastic is so cost-effective is that unlike road line marking paint, it doesn’t need a minimum of 10 degrees centigrade to be applied. Whilst we don’t have really cold winters in Australia, we often have days where the temperature goes down below 10 degrees centigrade. This reduces the number of days that line painting can take place, creating missed deadlines and unhappy clients.

The solution is to use preformed thermoplastic instead of paint for particular road line marking applications, which unlike regular thermoplastic doesn’t need a melter or special applicators and is easier to apply to road and carpark surfaces. An additional benefit is that preformed thermoplastic is available in standard marking colours (blue, red, yellow, white, black and green) and also in a variety of symbols (turning arrows, handicapped signs, letters and stop bars).

For smaller companies who need to do as much work as possible to grow their business, preformed thermoplastic gives them a variety of durable and reflective markings, whilst not requiring complex and expensive equipment for its application. This type of material is used extensively in cold climates where the need to extend the road line marking season is vital, otherwise hardly any work would be done for large parts of the year.

Another benefit is that once applied, preformed thermoplastic doesn’t need to be repainted very often, as it lasts up to 10 times longer than regular paint. This is a huge cost saving when you consider that renewing line painting requires traffic to be stopped and diverted, intersections or carparks to be closed, and crews need to be paid.

Whilst preformed thermoplastic isn’t meant to replace line painting or even molten thermoplastic that requires high temperatures for its application, it does offer companies other options. For example, you can complete small jobs during the colder months, increasing your revenue and giving clients a long term and durable solution for traffic management on their property.

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