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Increasing the safety of drivers with reflective line marking in Brisbane

12:00am, Tuesday 22 January 2019

Installing reflective line marking in Brisbane helps drivers to follow road directions and avoid collisions at night when regular non-reflective lines might be difficult to see. It’s likely that most drivers, at one time or another, have experienced problems seeing road lines in bad weather, low light levels or at night.

If you are not familiar with a particular road, not being able to see the road lines can be very dangerous and stressful, but it can also be a big problem if you drive down the road every day. This is why reflective line marking is becoming a popular option in Brisbane and why councils and car park owners are starting to invest in these safety options.

What is reflective line marking in Brisbane?

As its name implies, reflective line marking reflects or bounces the light from your headlights back towards you – dramatically increasing the visibility of road lines. This means that in low light conditions and as long as you have your headlights switched on, you should be able to easily see the road markings.

Road lines, however, don’t just help you to stay in your lane, they also alert you to hazards, such as areas where you need to slow down or stop, and they also direct you into different lanes depending on your destination. Not being able to see the road markings clearly puts you in a dangerous situation where you can no longer drive safely on the road. If you find yourself in such a situation, it’s best to pull over and wait until the conditions improve and you can drive safely once again.

Reflective line marking can be made from paint, thermoplastic and epoxy resin, making them a very versatile product. They tend to be used in high risk areas, such as accident prone spots, unlit tunnels, sharp bends and pedestrian crossings and have proven to be a very effective road safety option.

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