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How long does car park line marking last?

12:00am, Thursday 15 June 2017

Car park line marking is an essential safety component of managing your business,  A large area of unmarked tarmac can cause havoc to your customers, delivery trucks and to your employees, with people driving and parking all over the place.

The line marking of your car park should clearly indicate the direction of traffic flow and which areas should be kept clear. Disabled Parking, Shared Zones, Loading Areas, Parent with Prams and Senior Parking all help to keep everything looking smart and orderly.  As you can appreciate, compared to an empty and uncared for expanse of tarmac, a clearly marked car park gives your customers a very good first impression of your business.

Depending on the amount and type of vehicular traffic road line marking wears away at varying rates.

Car Park Linemarking Upgrades

Maintaining the line marking at your premises is a legal requirement to ensure the safety of the pedestrian traffic using your facilities.  There are no guidelines concerning the frequency of updating your line marking.  Two of the major factors that will influence this time frame is the amount of traffic and weather. Other reasons for updating your road line marking, is because you may want to modify the parking spaces or introduce more disabled parking for example.

Heavy Traffic Areas: The heavier the traffic, the more wear and tear and the more frequently you will need to have your car park line marking renewed. Large car parks may only require certain heavy traffic areas remarked annually with lower traffic areas being updated every second year.

Low Traffic Areas: If your car park doesn’t receive a lot of traffic every day, you might get away with updating the line marking every two years.

Long Term & Short Term Parking:  A long term car park is one where cars remain for a number of hours at a time such as an Office Complex, as traffic flow is minimal throughout the day.  A short term car park such as Woolworths, Coles, Bunnings etc have cars utilising the car park space every 10-20 minutes. Therefore the line marking would need to be remarked on a more frequent basis.

Weather: In Queensland major weather events will have negative a effect on line marking in car parks and on roads due to the makeup of the product which is designed to deteriorate to remain clean and visible.

Re-organise Parking: If you are expanding your car parking area you may need to remark the parking spaces to make the area more user friendly, and of course, adding more Disabled Parking or Parent with Prams which will require special logos for easy identification.

In general, car park line marking needs to be redone every one to two years, depending on how quickly it has faded. For a free quote, call G & T Line Marking on 0423 832 531.