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How line marking plays an important role in the name of safety

12:00am, Wednesday 15 November 2017

Just imagine the difficulty of driving on our roads and even through car parks, if we didn’t have line marking to direct all the traffic and avoid accidents. Without road line marking and car park line marking, city streets, freeways, car parks and large intersections would become death traps for everyone on the road, yet many people still believe that line marking is a waste of time.

It’s quite amazing that people still bemoan the use of road line marking, not believing that it has any value at all. This attitude is completely left field, so let’s debunk some of the myths about line marking in Australia.

  1. Road line marking is a waste of money: It’s fair to say that councils spend a lot of money marking roads and carparks, particularly when it needs to be repeated after a few years, due to wear and tear. However, of all the money spent by councils, line marking is one of the most cost-effective ways to spend our tax dollars. Roads, bicycle paths, overtaking lanes and pedestrian crossings are just some of the ways road marking allows vehicles to travel from A to B without crashing into one another and endangering the lives of both drivers and pedestrians
  2. DIY road line marking is easy: The problem is that without the skills of a professional line marker, your road and car park line marking is going to look amateurish and might even cause accidents, if the markings are not coherent and applied in the right places. Another problem with a DIY job is that the right type of paint is rarely used, so it fades much faster and needs to be reapplied more often than professional linemarking paint.
  3. Line marking is hard to remove: A professional will have no problems removing or realigning old and faded line markings and replacing them with new markings. Realigning road markings, when lanes have changed and need to be remarked, is a job for the professionals, otherwise you can confuse drivers with two sets of road markings – the old and the new lines.
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