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How does line painting help warehouse safety?

12:34pm, Tuesday 17 October 2017

Operating an accident free warehouse is a top priority, but it is also a very complex job requiring employee training, safety signs and line painting. With people and equipment coming and going all day long, it is essential that any warehouse manager has a handle on these three safety factors.

Warehouse line marking

Line painting is one of the important strategies for ensuring the safety of everyone in and around a warehouse. You will need to hire a company who specialise in line marking services to clearly designate pedestrian areas from traffic areas. Also, hazard lines to prevent traffic from stopping in dangerous areas, as well as preventing people from walking under dangerous equipment and buffer zones if needed.

Safety signs

Signage will help to prevent accidents by catching people’s attention and changing their behaviour. Safety signs should be easy to see and read by moving traffic, and be at the correct height and in the right places for maximum effect. You could also fit bollards to prevent accidental access to sensitive or dangerous areas, as well as convex mirrors to help traffic see around corners.

Many of these safety signs can be installed by a company that specialises in line marking services, so it pays to ask the company who performs your line painting if they can also help out with your safety signs as well.

Employee training

Safety training is an important aspect of keeping a warehouse free of accidents and should be undertaken when employees are first hired and at regular intervals thereafter. Too often, employees become complacent around heavy machinery and traffic, forgetting the safety rules, which is a major cause of accidents in the workplace.

Employees need to understand all warehouse line marking, particularly if the line marking has been changed recently. Don’t forget that when new equipment is brought into the warehouse, your employees may need to receive additional safety training for this equipment. Lastly, always supervise any member of the public within the warehouse, as they will not be aware of the safety rules.

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