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Here are four different ways to use our road marking services

12:00am, Sunday 30 July 2017

Some people think that our road marking services are just used to paint lanes on roads, but they have a much wider application. So let’s take a look at four ways you can use road line marking to improve the lives of everyone on your business’s premises.

Car park line marking

Outlining parking spaces in car parks helps to avoid cars becoming damaged and allows drivers to park in an orderly fashion. Unmarked parking areas quite often have someone who directs the traffic into orderly lines, which is appropriate for temporary parking spots or on grassed areas. For permanent parking areas however, car park line marking is pretty much essential for everyone’s safety, including people who are walking through the car park.

Pedestrian and bicycle road line marking

Road line marking isn’t just for directing cars and trucks, it is also essential for keeping people who ride bicycles on the road safe and for designating spots where pedestrians can cross in safety. Large parks also make use of our road marking services in certain specific areas, particularly if traffic is also allowed into the park.

Lines in sporting facilities

Who do you think marks out the basketball, netball and tennis courts at your local sporting facilities? That’s right – they use our road marking services to paint the outlines of the courts as well as the designated interior markings, otherwise there would be chaos on the courts!

Warehouse line marking

Warehouses, distribution centres and industrial complexes not only need car park line marking, but because they are considered high risk environments, they also need line marking inside the buildings. Warehouse line marking is used to mark out exclusion zones inside buildings, parking spots for fork lifts, and areas where overhead equipment is in use. It can also be used to designate high risk areas where dangerous chemicals or equipment is used or stored.

As you can see, our road marking services are extremely versatile and can be used for both safety and to give directions to employees, vehicles and pedestrians. If you want to explore how road line marking can improve the safety on your premises or improve the usability of your sporting facility, call us for a chat about your requirements or get a free quote online today.