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Did you know we can supply speed humps in your car park line marking package?

12:00pm, Tuesday 10 April 2018

Car park line marking is the ideal solution for directing traffic through public and private car parks, as well as for organising and optimising parking spaces. Speed humps are an additional feature that can be installed in car parks that have existing line marking in Brisbane or alternatively, can be included in your new package.

Not all line marking companies in Brisbane can install speed humps, so it pays to ask whether this service is offered, before you sign on the dotted line. If you are not sure whether you really need speed humps as well as car park line marking for your business, here are five reasons why speed humps are a good idea.

  1. Speed is reduced: For the safety of pedestrians, customers and employees, reducing the speed of traffic in your car park is essential. Speed humps cause traffic to slow down to approximately 10km/hr, dramatically increasing the safety in your car park. Why not include speed humps in your next line marking package in Brisbane? 
  2. Signs can be ignored: Many drivers don’t even notice speed signs and if they do, they simply ignore them. It’s a lot more difficult to ignore a speed hump, so drivers are forced to slow down as they drive through your car park. If you are considering refreshing your car park line marking, then it might be time to install safety speed humps as well.
  3. Accidents are reduced: Cars, delivery trucks, motorbikes, pedestrians, strollers and kids - put all of these in one confined area and you are asking for trouble. Children can run amok in car parks and with so many people dodging the traffic, accidents happen all too frequently. This is another reason why you should consider including speed humps when you are refreshing your line marking in Brisbane.
  4. Blind spot collisions are reduced: Tight corners and blind spots are a frequent occurrence in car parks, simply due to the size of the plot and the layout of the buildings. Including speed bumps in your car park line marking package, forces traffic to slow down as they approach these hazards, reducing collisions between vehicles. 
  5. Speed bumps can be temporary: Speed bumps can be installed to slow traffic around building works on your property or where you have a preponderance of accidents. Once the situation has changed, the speed humps can be removed and repositioned elsewhere on your property.
For more information on car park line marking or installing speed humps on your property, call us on 0423 832 531 or send us an email.