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5 Reasons why warehouse line marking is important

6:00am, Wednesday 14 March 2018

Warehouse line marking is something that many people take for granted, but it’s essential to the efficient organisation and operation of warehouses, particularly large warehouses. Line marking is usually associated with car parks and roads, but it can also be used inside warehouses for five very good reasons.

  1. Improved employee safety: Boxes and crates that are stacked in disorganised heaps, forklifts zipping around, employees walking under overhead hoists, all of these issues can reduce the safety of employees. In Brisbane, line marking in warehouses helps improve employee’s safety, reducing sick leave and worker’s compensation and increasing company profits.
  2. Fewer accidents: Along with increased safety, and when the warehouse is well organised, employees are less likely to have accidents in the workplace. Line marking can be used to designate corridors for forklifts between the inventory rows, as well as identifying hazard areas and no-go zones. When employees can safely navigate your warehouse and inventory is stored safely, you will notice a significant decrease in workplace accidents.
  3. Enhanced organisation: Warehouse line marking can be used to create designated stacking areas for particular types of crates, boxes and inventory. A neat warehouse helps your company meet the regulated occupational health and safety standards, and also helps employees locate inventory quickly, as needed.
  4. Increased productivity: An organised warehouse where everything is in its right place, increases efficiency and productivity accordingly. When employees don’t have to dodge forklifts and can locate inventory quickly, the warehouse’s production runs more smoothly. Many warehouse managers find that line marking is a very cost-effective and simple strategy for increasing profits.
  5. Better space allocation: The more inventory you can fit into your warehouse, the greater your distribution capabilities and the more your profits will increase. Warehouse line marking allows you to allocate space more efficiently, storing boxes and crates in designated areas and reducing wasted space.

Warehouse line marking can also be combined with signage, height bars, bollards, corner guards, wheel stops, speed humps and convex mirrors to increase safety in and around your warehouse. Road line marking can also be used to direct traffic around the exterior of your warehouse, designating car parking spaces, one-way lanes, and drop off and pick up zones.

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