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4 Safety products included in our car park road line marking services

12:00am, Tuesday 30 January 2018

Road line marking is an essential safety factor in all carparks, including shopping malls, hospitals, warehouses and factories. Line painting helps to direct drivers through your complex, indicating parking spaces and one-way systems, as well as restricted areas, no-parking zones, hazard areas, and entries and exits.

Road line marking however, isn’t just concerned with painting lines on roads, because at G & T Linemarking, we provide a number of road marking services that include safety products as well. Four of these products are guard rail line painting, impact rated bollards, removable bollards and parking sentries.

Guard rail line painting: Rail fences are heavy duty guards that you usually see along motorways and freeways across Australia. These barrier systems are designed to protect drivers from crashing into dangerous or hazardous areas, as well as protecting pedestrians from being hit by wayward vehicles. Guard rails can be installed in carparks, and along any area where the entry of vehicles needs to be prevented.

Impact rated bollards: These heavy duty crash rated bollards can withstand significant impacts from runaway vehicles, protecting buildings and pedestrians in the immediate area. Heavy duty bollards are ideal for keeping vehicles from entering pedestrian areas, as well as directing them away from hazards. Accompanied by line painting in the same area, impact bollards help to keep everyone safe on your property.

Removable bollards: These are ideal when you want to restrict traffic to specific areas on a temporary basis. At G and T Linemarking, we include removable bollards in our range of road marking services, because they are very popular at shopping malls. One of their main functions is to prevent commuters parking in the main customer carparks early in the morning, and are easily removed once the commuter rush has ended.

Parking sentries: Road line marking can be enhanced by the use of parking sentries that prevent drivers from parking in certain parking bays. These are popular with body corporates who want to restrict tenants from parking in visitor bays, as well as businesses with designated parking bays who need to prevent non-customers from using these bays.

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