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3 Tips on saving money with line marking in Brisbane

12:00am, Saturday 15 July 2017

As we all know, line marking in Brisbane is a safety requirement for most businesses, helping to increase the safety of shoppers and traffic in and around car parks. Linemarking can also be essential inside warehouses and distribution centres, helping to direct forklifts and designate no-go areas.

The problem for businesses is that linemarking doesn’t last forever, needing to be refreshed every one or two years, depending on how quickly it is worn down. This means that you need to include provision within your budget to pay for professional line marking services on a frequent basis.

Even large businesses need to watch every dollar, so if you regularly refresh your warehouse or car park line marking in Brisbane, here are 3 proven tips to help you save money on your next job.

  1. Avoid cheap paints: You might think that you will be saving money with a cheaper paint for your linemarking, but in the long run, it will cost you more money. Any professional company specialising in line marking services knows that the better the quality of paint, the longer the life of your line marking. This is why we only use the highest quality paints for all of our jobs.
  2. Select the correct paints: If the linemarking company you have selected uses house paint to outline your car park, it is time to call in the professionals. The wrong type of paint won’t last very long and you will need to refresh it very quickly. This is why you need to use the correct paint for the job. For example, we use specialist waterborne paint for car parks and chlorinated rubber paints for inside warehouses and distribution centres.
  3. Prep the surfaces first: In Brisbane, we always water blast the surfaces of any area that needs line marking to remove contaminants and debris, otherwise the new paint won’t adhere very well. If you miss this step, you will simply waste your money and end up spending even more of your budget on redoing the linemarking again in a few months.
The best solution for saving money on line marking in Brisbane is to call us for a free quote today.