Blacking or greying out old line marking

We all know that line marking fades over time and needs to be renewed. However, blacking or greying out, which is the process of covering redundant work, might be the cheapest solution - but is it the best solution?

Is Blacking/Greying out Existing Line Marking Effective?

Blacking out is predominantly used on bitumen and dark surfaces, whereas greying out is mostly applied on concrete surfaces. It is fair to say that blacking or greying is not a long term solution, as the old paint will eventually show through, due to wear depending on the volume of traffic.
It might be the cheapest solution, but it is not the best long term solution available to cover up old line markings. As the old work begins to show through and the newer line marking starts to fade, traffic can become confused on the road, not knowing which road line markings to follow, resulting in accidents. 
Despite these long term problems, blacking or greying is still a poplular strategy for covering up old line marking on roads.
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